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How to kick start your time management

These few tips will be sure to help kick start your time management journey and help you to become more productive. Time Blocking: Plan out every moment of your day in advance and dedicate specific times to do specific activities. Blocking out your day means you are not only scheduling in study but scheduling in your work and social time as well.   Set Routines: Setting a morning and night-time routine is a great step...

Self-care to help you and enrich your life

Self-care is more than just relaxing from time to time and taking a break. Self-care is finding out what brings you peace and gratitude, calms your mind and soul, and brings a level of bliss to your sense of being. Self-care is determining what helps you and establishing a weekly routine encompassing those things to help enrich your life. Self-care is an individual experience, there is no one method that fits all. Take a...

Top mobile apps to try as a Student

Welcome to the Net Generation! In a digitalised population that tends to think of Google as a verb rather than an application. How students process information and learn on a daily basis relies heavily on mobile optimised devices! Pens and paper down please mobiles at the ready! This blog will explore the wonderful digital world of applications that have surged to the top as the best student based learning apps for mobile devices! So whether...