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Top mobile apps to try as a Student

Welcome to the Net Generation! In a digitalised population that tends to think of Google as a verb rather than an application. How students process information and learn on a daily basis relies heavily on mobile optimised devices!

Pens and paper down please mobiles at the ready! This blog will explore the wonderful digital world of applications that have surged to the top as the best student based learning apps for mobile devices! So whether you’re cramming for an exam, looking to optimise your day to day schedule, or you just find yourself downloading app after app looking to enhance your university experience this blog is for you!


Evernote is the ultimate mobile optimised note-taking app. Giving you everything you need to keep your university life organized. Featuring great note-taking, project planning, and easy ways to find what you need, when you need it.


Forest is a unique and popular productivity app that helps you to curve your phone use and manage your time in an exciting way! Users of the app can open the app and plant a tree as the app remains open and your mobile device is not used the tree will continue to grow. When users leave the app before allocated time the tree dies. It is a fun way to manage time and stay focused on your study while having a little fun along the way.


Calm is the number 1 rated app for sleep, meditation and relaxation. The app is here to help, you can learn the life-changing skills of meditation, access heaps of sleep resources, videos on mindful movement and gentle stretching music and more.


This app is designed to be your mind’s best friend and designed to promote and improve overall happiness through meditation and mindfulness.



Designed to ‘free up your mental space’, the Todoist app is designed to help keep everything up to date and accounted for on your mobile device making it easy to keep track of what is important to you!


Anki is an application designed to make remembering things easier! Decrease the amount of time you spend studying while increasing the amount you learn. This app is excellent for anyone who needs to remember things in daily life, supporting images, videos, and science you can learn just about anything on Anki. From languages to studying for medical or law exams to brushing up on your geography or practising music notes.


Is designed to help teams work collaboratively which means it is a great option for group assignments! Collaborate, manage projects, and reach new productivity peaks while organising tasks and creating a team environment all in one place!

Mobile devices have this tendency to rule our lives. Sometimes it’s important to disconnect! Don’t forget from time to time that while these apps are great for learning it is also important to detox your digital every now and then!

Written By: Pulse Marketing