Caffeine, procrastination and all-nighters! That’s right its crunch time and exam week is about to arrive. Marked by too little sleep, too much caffeine and a whole lot of stress! We know exam week can be extremely hectic and overwhelming so we’ve comprised a handy list of tips to help you survive the stress that often comes with the pressure of exams!

Manage your stress!

Make sure you have clear study goals set for each day that are balanced with other important things in your life. Avoid trying to cram all your study into one session particularly the night prior to your exam. Managing self-care is important during peak study periods so make sure you set aside time to relax during study sessions, especially if you feel yourself getting stressed and anxious. Below are some stress relieving tips you can try if you are feeling particularly overwhelmed;

  • Start your revision early
  • Make sure you take time out of study to do other things
  • Practice meditation and mindfulness
  • Manage your revision timetable sensibly
  • Talk to a peer or lecturer

Review and KNOW your exam timetable!

It may sound silly, but rest assured, student to student, that you or someone you know has arrived late or completely missed an exam because they failed to check the timetable properly or wrote a date wrong. MAKE 100% sure you know when and where your exams are, even if you are undertaking your exams online, make sure that you are online and have checked links with plenty of time to spare.

Pre-prepare your exam essentials!

Making sure you have pens, pencils and batteries in your calculator are all crucial exam preparation tips! Make sure on the day of your exam you have water easily accessible so you’re not going the whole exam session without having a drink. If you are undertaking your exams online, checking your internet connection and laptop charge is crucial.

Arrive on time!

Don’t be late! This sounds like an easy one to do but let’s be honest, if you’re exams are being held on campus be sure to arrive with enough time to spare! Make sure you know where you are parking or what form of public transport you are taking prior to the morning of your exam. It is easy to waste time looking for a park or missing the bus or train.

If your exams are being held online make sure the necessary links for each exam are working prior to the start time of your examination.

Change up your study routine!

When preparing for your exams make sure you are taking plenty of breaks, you’ll get more out of your study if you give yourself some down time in-between study sessions. When studying, switch your phone off or put it on do not disturb so you aren’t distracted by constant notifications.

Rather than just relying on notes taken during class try something a little different:

  • Create flash cards
  • Create wall posters

Remember that while studying in a group can be helpful, it can also create unwanted distractions. So be sure to schedule some solo study time if you find you’re not being as productive as you could be in group study sessions.

Manage your social life accordingly!

During peak study periods it is important to manage your social life so that it does not negatively impact time spent studying. Everyone needs down time even during exam period, so it is important not to cancel your social life completely during exam week. However, it is important to plan accordingly so you give yourself plenty of time to study without distraction.

Eat properly and get enough sleep!

During stressful times it’s easy to get sucked into eating unhealthy, and sugar might be your ‘go-to’ snack during exam study, and while it is okay to consume these sometimes, during exam preparation it is important to maintain a balanced diet.

Prioritise sleep and give your body a chance to rest and recuperate. Sleep is proven to help improve our mood as well as our ability to focus, de-stress and think more clearly. Keeping track of your caffeine intake it also important, try keeping it to one coffee a day or try swapping afternoon caffeine for Green Tea.

Ask for help

If you are struggling with your study or need help prior to you exams, schedule time to see your lecturer or a tutor. Remember that your lectures and tutors are there to help you and point you in the right direction.

Written By: Rebecca Harnas