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Write to a resident x UniLife Volunteering

With physical distancing in place, many people are finding the loss social connection and the ability to socialise as normal, is taking its toll on their wellbeing. For some residents of ages care facilities, feelings of isolation may be amplified as the ability to connect with family and friends has been limited during this unprecedented time. IRT’s Aged Care Centre residents are currently unable to have visitors or go on outings in order to protect them from COVID-19 but students now have the ability to help them be less socially isolated.

In collaboration with “Age Matters (an in initiative of IRT Group)” UniLife volunteers now have the opportunity to let IRT residents know they’re not alone by writing a letter of support. Volunteers are being encouraged to tell them what they’ve been up to at home or University; share a story, a poem, a painting; or use the template provided to them. Volunteers are supplied with reply paid postage, so sending these letters comes at no cost to volunteers which will allow more students to get involved.

Not only does this program allow residents to create social connections outside of their home, it may create a mutual sharing of knowledge and give students the opportunity to practice a skill they may have lost or never used before. This is an easy way to give back and brighten the day of residents and students may just get a letter in return that brightens up there day in return.

Students wanting to get involved in “Write to a Resident” can obtain UOWx recognised volunteering hours. Simply start by signing up for the Volunteering program here: https://uowpulse.typeform.com/to/IRgW5o

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Written By: Brooke Beattie