Volunteering is such an important program at Pulse and without our Pulse Vollies, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do! Our vollies help out with all sorts of activities and events such as gigs at the bar, environmental efforts, wellness activities, and big events like O-Fest and Clubs Day!


Check out what one of our vollies has to say about her time volunteering with Pulse!


  1. Introduce yourself! (What’s your name, what are you studying, anything else you want to say)


My name is Renee Buggie, and I am in my third year of study towards a Bachelor of Medical Biotechnology.


  1. When did you start volunteering with Pulse, and why did you decide to get involved?


I started volunteering with Pulse in the 2022 Spring Session. I decided to get involved because after spending the first few years of uni online we were finally able to start having a normal uni experience on campus and wanted to make the most of the time I had left here. It seemed like a great opportunity to meet new people and gain some valuable skills and experiences that will stick with me after my time at uni.


  1. What has been your favourite event to volunteer at so far?


My favourite event that I have volunteered at so far would be the running of the Diwali festival last year. This was such an incredible experience as I was able to immerse myself in a cultural event that I would not have otherwise had the opportunity to. My favourite part was when some people who were celebrating the event took me away from where I was working to go dance with them, a memory I will never forget!


  1. If you had to describe volunteering in three words, what would they be?


Uplifting, rewarding and fun!


  1. What is something you love about volunteering with UOW Pulse?


I love meeting new people, especially other volunteers, that come from all different areas of the world. I love talking about our different experiences growing up in different areas and learning so much more about these places.


  1. What is something you wouldn’t have thought about volunteering/you didn’t know before you started?


Before I started volunteering, I didn’t think I would come away from each shift feeling 10 times better than before I started it. People always say that volunteering is such a rewarding experience, but you never quite understand the extent of it until you do it yourself.


  1. What would you say to others perhaps wanting to get involved with volunteering?


If you’re thinking about volunteering, then definitely take that step and sign up. Whether it’s with Pulse or another volunteering opportunity that interests you then go for it! There will be so many benefits to you including making new friends, learning new skills, and just improving your overall well-being! But not only that, you will be making a positive difference in your community.


  1. Any final comments? (any interesting vollie experiences, has it led to any interest from job interviews, etc – basically free reign to say whatever you want on this one!)


Being a Pulse volunteer has been one of my favourite experiences during my time at uni. Not only has it provided some of the most fun and exciting times but has also helped me professionally. I have developed many skills and made many connections that will assist me beyond my time here at UOW. If there is one thing that I have learnt from being a Pulse Volunteer is to take any opportunity that comes your way, because saying yes to these opportunities will often lead to some of your most memorable experiences.


Keen to get involved, check out our Expression of Interest Form HERE.

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Written By: Holly Kiteley