Being part of UOW Pulse volunteering community for the past few months has been a unique experience for me. It is the perfect opportunity for everyone to get out of the stressful studying
routine and have a fun time whilst also giving back to the community. Working at UOW Pulse helped me develop communicating and teamworking skills, by being able to meet with various during the shifts, as well as work with other peers, in order to make the events run smoothly.

The volunteering community is very welcoming, and people are keen on helping each-other and try a make everyone’s stay more enjoyable. UOW Pulse offers a wide range of events that students can easily sign-in online from their devices at home based on their preferences.

UOW Pulse volunteering program is also recognised by UOWx which may aid students who are required to have a portfolio to have better opportunities of being accepted by postgraduate schools.
Overall, working at UOW Pulse is the perfect opportunity to come out of the comfort zone and try a do something different in order to be able and help to make UOW a more fun place to study at, as well as make new friends from various backgrounds.

Written By: Brooke Beattie