This week is Global Climate Change Week! Here’s some easy steps you can take to look after the beautiful world we live in. 

1. Use a keep cup 

It might seem basic, but using a keep cup is an easy way to introduce a more sustainable habit to your routine. Did you know that using a keep cup makes your carbon footprint 4 times less than when you use regular disposable cups?! Check out the UniShop’s range of keep cup options today. 

2. Choose Sustainable Plate 

Did you know that our Building 11 food court has a Sustainable Plate initiative? Instead of getting your meal in a takeaway container, opt for a reusable plate or bowl. After use, simply leave it at one of the stations to be cleaned and used again! 

3. Catch public transport 

Our third tip is to use public transport. Lucky for us, we have free shuttle buses running from Wollongong CBD and North Wollongong Station! So wherever you’re coming from, there’s an easy route straight to uni. Not only will you help reduce your emissions, you’ll be saving money on petrol too! 

4. Plan a car pool 

If you aren’t up for public transport, carpooling is another great option. Round up your friends to travel to uni together, and if there’s 3 or more of you, you can park for free! Head to P4 to reap the rewards of your full car! 

5. Choose the right bin 

Did you know we have 5 different bins on campus? We have bins for paper and cardboard, organics, recycling, landfill, and cans. So next time you have something to chuck out, remember to check it before you chuck it! 

Keen for even more sustainability tips on campus? Check out our UOW Pulse Sustainability page here

Written By: Hannah Bannerman