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Spreading Joy with Random Acts of Kindness

A simple random act of kindness can go a long way in turning someone’s day around, especially during times like this. Wellness by Pulse’s Random Act Of Kindness initiative has been running for the last two years on campus but with students at home at the moment, we still wanted to spread some kindness and brighten up the day of students.  The team designed a Random Act Of Kindness initiative so friends could nominate one another for a little study care pack to be sent to them at home. With an overwhelmingly high level of interest, 85 care packs were sent to friends across the region last week. Students will receive a box of study snack goodies as well as a vanilla scented candle and a kindness note written by their friend.

We love having Random Acts of Kindness on campus during the semester so it was great to be able to continue this initiative online and help share kindness across the region with the help of UOW IGA and the campus Post Office.

Written By: Brooke Beattie