It's Your UniLife

We are here for you

Uni doesn’t have to be all study, tutorials and textbooks – that’s where UniLife steps in.

UniLife is here to make your experience at UOW fun. Think of us as the added jalapenos to your pizza… we’ll add a little bit of spice to your everyday routine. From O-Festival to graduation day, we’ll help you with that tricky study/social life juggle. The solution? It’s all about balance – a little from Column A and a little from Column B!

From the biggest on-campus parties to soul-renewing guided meditation classes, UniLife has got you covered. We put on heaps of cool events and pop-ups and know how to throw a damn good party! We also love sharing amazingly-good free stuff in our competitions and giveaways… plus, we can hook you up with some awesome deals and discounts on campus and around The Gong. That’s what friends do, right?

There’s heaps of ways to meet, mingle and make new friends with UniLife. We can help you find your people in one of the 140+ clubs and societies on campus – Quidditch anyone? We also have an awesome volunteering program to help you give back to the community, gain valuable experience and meet new people while you’re doing the things you enjoy.

Make your UOW experience your own. After all, it’s your UniLife.

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