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Kids Uni celebrates love and diversity!

Our philosophy talks of social justice and inclusive practice, and underpins everything we do at Kids’ Uni. We are committed to creating a space where all children and families feel welcomed, safe and respected. Our community is made up of a diverse range of families, including Rainbow families from the LGBTQIA+ community.

In celebration of IDAHOBIT (International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia) on 17 May 2022, children and educators honoured love and identity in many forms by standing out against discrimination. We dressed in rainbow, visited the rainbow stairs at UOW and met the wonderful Drag Queen Lauren Order. Lauren read stories of unconditional acceptance, love and identity to the children. After spending time with Lauren last year, we are so excited to see this becoming an ongoing relationship, where the children will have regular opportunities to share experiences and connections with her. We know that reciprocal, respectful relationships and participation in communities contribute to children’s sense of belonging and identity. Through these relationships, they begin to understand that their actions impact how others may feel or belong. Educators teach children to listen to others and to respect diverse perspectives. Over time, this learning translates into lifelong dispositions of acceptance, respect and kindness.

Talking about LGBTQIA+ issues and identity isn’t a one-time conversation at Kids’ Uni, these conversations are embedded in our everyday practice. We have resources available to the children all year round such as LGBTQIA+ characters, puzzles, posters and books that also show LGBTQIA+ family structures, which help with discussions and understanding. Our educators engage in deep critical reflection about opportunities and dilemmas that arise in our spaces in relation to diversity and take action to redress unfairness. We teach children to recognise similarities and differences and the opportunities diversity presents for learning and connectedness.

All Kids Uni Services are proudly part of the Welcome Here project and display rainbow Welcome Here stickers at our entrances to let everyone know that LGBTQIA+ diversity is welcomed and celebrated within our spaces.

Written By: Brooke Beattie