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Non-Executive Director 


Shaun is an experienced business leader and former owner of BMS, a successful Technology Consulting firm based in Wollongong, Australia. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, Shaun has built a reputation as a skilled strategist and effective leader.

Shaun joined the ownership group of BMS in 1989, and over the years, he grew the company into a thriving business with a reputation for excellence. Under his leadership, BMS worked with a range of clients across various industries, providing strategic consulting services that helped them achieve their business goals.

Shaun’s success as a business owner can be attributed to his deep understanding of the industry and his ability to develop effective growth strategies. He is known for his innovative thinking and his ability to develop leaders within his team.

After many years at the helm of BMS, Shaun made the decision to sell the company
and pursue new opportunities. Today, he remains an active member of the business community, starting his latest venture, RockLife, in early 2023. He is often sought out for his insights and expertise and is passionate about mentoring young entrepreneurs and helping them achieve their goals.