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Team UOW Celebrates Remarkable Performance at the Alliance Shield 2024

Thirteen exceptional students represented UOW in a display of athletic prowess at the Alliance Shield 2024, held last week at UNSW. Led by the UniActive team, they displayed unwavering determination and showcased the University’s commitment to excellence in intervarsity sports.

Despite facing formidable competition from Western Sydney University and the University of New South Wales, UOW’s athletes demonstrated remarkable skill and sportsmanship across four challenging disciplines. Led by UniActive Coach Rae-Leigh Lyons and Captain Megan Griffin, the UOW teams exhibited resilience and camaraderie throughout the tournament, earning commendable results.

The breakdown of results from the Alliance Shield 2024 is as follows:

• Football: 1 win, 1 loss, 2 draws.
• Netball: 3 wins, 1 loss.
• Basketball: 4 losses.
• Oztag: 2 wins, 1 loss, 1 draw.

The Alliance Shield serves as a platform for students from diverse backgrounds to come together in the spirit of friendly competition and mutual respect.

As a vibrant hub of campus life, UOW Pulse and UniActive continues to champion student
engagement and well-being, nurturing a dynamic and inclusive community where every student can thrive both academically, socially, and athletically.

We look forward to next year’s Alliance Shield.

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Written By: Shannon Green