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Uni can get a bit hectic and things can get overwhelming. Help keep your balance with life skills workshops and wellness activities.

Following an in-depth review of UOW Wellbeing, 2019 will bring fresh changes to the program. The UniLife team will now be bringing wellness events and activities to campus.

As always, these activities will remain free of charge, as they continue to be funded by SSAF.

Stay tuned for more information on what is coming in 2019. 

Difficult Times and Emergencies

The feeling of being in a crisis or in an emergency situation is not a very pleasant experience. Whether it impacts upon you directly, or you are aware of something affecting a friend or family member, difficult situations can quickly become a heavy burden that impacts on your sense of wellbeing.

There is often a lot of pressure associated with being a uni student, UOW has a number of services that can aid you in times of stress or difficulty.*


*Websites should not replace face to face counselling or support. If you are concerned with what is going on in your life or your personal welfare, please make an appointment to speak to someone.

Is it an emergency or is your personal safety threatened?

  • Call the Police and/or Ambulance by dialing triple zero 000
  • Call UOW Security on 4221 4900 or on extension 4900 from a UOW phone or via a campus security telephone
  • Raise an alert through the SafeZone app if you are on campus on in the vicinity of the University. UOW Security team will respond and seek assistance from emergency services. Download the SafeZone App.


Last reviewed: 10 December, 2018