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Wellness Self-Development Series


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This year Wellness by Pulse is focusing on helping you to become your best self. FREE for UOW Students, this 3-part mini intensive with registered psychologic, Nigel Woods, is designed to help you, (the student), reach your full potential in your personal/ professional and academic worlds.

Nigel has extensive experience using coaching approaches to support both international and domestic tertiary students and has designed this program to target the changing needs of students.

Over three workshops students will touch on the below focus areas:
1. Identifying Strengths
2. Supporting Development
3. Connections

Not only will this intensive help you to develop your emotional intelligence but it will also help you to make long and lasting connections with your peers.

This is a SSAF-funded initiative with limited spaces available. Students will be required to pre-register. Free afternoon tea is provided.


Tuesday 14 March

Tuesday 28 March

Tuesday 18 April

You must attend all 3 workshops to be UOWx recognised, however, you may attend only 1 or 2.